NIOS Book for Class 10th and 12th

NIOS Book for Class 10th

National Institute of Open Schooling commonly known as NIOS is an open education board governed by the HRD Ministry of India. The Board has played a crucial role in spreading education for class 10th students among rural parts of India. It is now the largest open school education body in India.<

NIOS Class 12 Book

The NIOS Books for Class 12th are accessible online in both Hindi and English medium. You can free download NIOS books of Class 12 for all the subjects.

NIOS conducts class 12th exams twice a year in March/April and October/November. The NIOS board offer exam in multiple language mediums in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, etc.


NIOS Exam Session

NIOS conducts class 10th exams twice a year for more than thousands of students. The first session is in the April session and the second session takes place in the October session.

NIOS Board also gives On-Demand Exam option for the desired students. The exam options under this category are available on the student’s choice in the month of Jan-Feb-May-June-July-Aug-Nov-December.

NIOS Study Material for Class 10th

NIOS has its own pattern of study materials and text books. The open Board posts the study books directly to your home. You can also visit the nearest study centre to enquire about any available NIOS study material for Class 10. However, NIOS faces a shortage of study material all over the year for most cases. Check out other options to buy NIOS Books or guide books.

The NIOS books for the Class 10th students come in two groups: Group A and Group B – Group A carry a range of language subjects like English, Hindi, Bengali, etc. while Group B holds the other subjects like Maths, Science, Economics, etc. for the NIOS Class 10th students.

How to Buy NIOS Books for Class 10th?

There are two types of NIOS books for Class 10 students, which you must buy to score good marks in the exams – NIOS Syllabus Text Book and NIOS Guide Books.

The NIOS syllabus books face an all-time shortage with NIOS, while the Guide books are easily available in the market and online. You can buy syllabus books and guide books from multiple websites – Amazon India – Trendmagnet News – Goodreads.com. These books have easy online availability and are shipped via Post. The study centre also houses the course books. You must visit the study centre before buying online.

Previous Year Question Papers

Check the official NIOS website online to download NIOS last year question papers for all subjects. These papers are helpful to understand the exam pattern and mark allocation for each topic. You can also find solved papers on multiple online sources.

Important Tips Related To NIOS Subjects

Check out these tips before choosing your NIOS subjects.

You can choose at least five subjects and not more than seven subjects.
It is compulsory to select one language subject or a maximum of two language subjects from Group A.
You can select the other three to four subjects from Group B.
The distance learning programme can open new doors to your careers. The class 10th exam is an essential step in student life. If you have still not purchased the NIOS Board class 10 books, then drop us a comment below. We are a single platform that can help you fetch the syllabus books at a cheap price available in both English and Hindi medium.

Complete the NIOS class 12 admission procedure to start your open school academic course. Check the revised dates to book your admission slot. The next step is to download all your books and academic brochures to start the exam preparation. Check all the subject codes to verify the correct subject books in Hindi and English medium.

Are you applying for Sr. Secondary (Class 12th) admission from NIOS Board? Then you must be looking online to download NIOS Class 12 Books. Relax! You are at the right place where you will find free tips to download free books and the second means of finding the guide books.

NIOS Books Download for Class 12

The NIOS Books for Class 12th are at your fingertips for download in Hindi & English medium. You can download them for free at the online NIOS website www.nios.ac.in. You can also check with your respective NIOS study centres to collect your subject books.

There are two types of books for NIOS courses – Syllabus Books & Guide Books. The students can access them online.

NIOS often faces a shortage of study materials for its open course students. There are multiple online stores where you can either download or buy your NIOS Books.

Check out NIOS 12th books section to verify the subject codes and their download links to access free download books for all subjects of class 12th.

NIOS Guide Books for Class 12

Guide Books is a rescuer for every other course. Any courses like CBSE, ICSE, Bihar State Board, or NIOS. They help students to learn in the easiest way possible.

Ask your friend Google, and it will display all NIOS guide books for Class 12th students. Sample papers and last year’s question papers also help make you ready for the final exams.

NIOS Books for Class 12 Hindi Medium

NIOS offers NIOS 12th Books in the Hindi medium too. Those of you who have chosen the Class 12th course under the NIOS Board in the Hindi medium can also download the books for free.

The open Study Centre is committed to bringing all available resources and the latest notices at one stop for its students appearing for NIOS class 12th examination.

NIOS Books in English Medium

The NIOS online books for Class 12th are also available in the English medium. Those of you who have chosen the English medium can download the books online or contact your NIOS study centre.

NIOS usually send your course books at the student’s home address. It may take some extra time before the books can reach you. Meanwhile, you can look for online resources to download them and start your exam preparation early.

NIOS Super Fast Tips

● Know your Syllabus: Knowing your syllabus can help you cover important topics.

● Get a Study Plan: Prepare a study plan that will help cover each topic at a time with much ease.

● Practise Sample Papers: Solve sample papers to follow the question pattern that can boost your exam score.

Drop us a comment below if you are facing any issues while downloading or accessing either your syllabus books or guide books. We will try our best to connect you with our consultants in Patna and elsewhere in India.

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